Understanding Electronics using Arduino and Raspberry Pi Micro-Controllers

Prerequisites: None

This course is designed for those new to the Arduino and Raspberry Pi Micro-controllers. You will learn how to connect basic electronic components to these micro-controllers to make fun and interactive micro-controller apps.

This course covers:

  1. Powering options
  2. Power connections
  3. Introduction to circuits
  4. Electronic basics using Resistors, Capacitors, LEDS
  5. The Arduino Family of controllers
  6. Raspberry PI Basics
  7. Understanding Shields, (Bluetooth, XBee, etc)
  8. Basics of making your first Bot!
  9. Technical capabilities and limitations of each micro-controller
  10. Introduction to programming the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Every class will consist of an overview of hardware and hands on demonstration project using the micro-controllers. Students will be able to watch each project and be able to complete their own project after each class.

This course has 8 classes and are typically 1 hour long. However, due to all the cool new technologies, resources and information that is constantly emerging, students are encouraged to ask questions & share new information, and because the instructor thinks these topics are too cool, expect many 1 hour classes to go over.

When students sign up for the course they will receive a link with the parts/book(s) needed for the course. These parts will include items such as micro-controllers, LEDS, resistors, leads and bread board. Recommended kits costs about $50 and can be reused with other courses in this series. Budget about $50-$100 for this course for parts and material. You will be able to reuse most components on other cool projects. Budget about $25 for the book(s).

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