tvOS using Swift 2.0 for the new Apple TV


Purpose: You'll learn many of the new aspects of creating tvOS apps. How to create a Weather Station app for the Apple TV using Stack Views for the weather details, how to create a Photo Gallery app to browse through multiple full screen photo albums, and how to synch and store Apple TV app data to iCloud.

Swift is critical to be able to code for the new Apple TV. You must be comfortable programming in Swift and Xcode to develop great tvOS apps.

This course is designed to help the developer who has experience with OOP, XCode and Swift.

Book will be announced by 12/15/15

Times: 6pm Pacific. Total of 8 online classes. Monday and Wednesday

Course outline:

  1. Apple TV Programming Capabilities and Limitations
  2. Building a Weather Station app that connects to a Web Service
  3. Understanding the Focus Engine and Stack Views
  4. Adding an Album Browser to the Photo Gallery app using Table Views
  5. Customizing the Top Shelf using both Static and Dynamic Content
  6. Storing information locally on the Apple TV and in the Cloud
  7. Integrating with CloudKit

Upcoming tvOS using Swift 3.0 for the new Apple TV Courses

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June 27 – July 7, 2016
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