Gary Bennett

“Gary Bennet’s iPhone programming course is awesome! I took several of his courses and my knowledge of iPhone programming was beginner at best. However, I had a goal to become an iPhone developer and what I read on xcelme.com looked like just what I was looking for. Well, I am happy to say I couldn’t have been more right. Not only are the classes great but, Gary made the course material so accessible. I was able to go back and revisit course material while I was programming. So this course ended up being a source of information on how to program as well. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn iOS programming to use Gary’s courses and books. It helped me to to achieve the goal of getting my first app in the app store. ResQme is a fun app for helping people get out of meetings, saved from long conversations, or any other uncomfortable situation you might find yourself in. This App was this first idea I had when I started Gary’s class and his class gave me the foundation and understanding I needed to see it come to fruition.”
Mike Peterson

“The courses Gary Bennett and XcelMe provides are excellent. He is able to make a very abstract material to be both fun, interesting and easier to understand. Even if I am located at the other side of the globe, it feels like he is there for you at all times during the courses. Very good support when things get rough (and it does when learning programming!). If you want to start programming and pay a very reasonable price for it – XcelMe is the way to go. I have spent 9 months doing six courses (both live and recorded), and this is the most fun, and rewarding thing I have done since Flight School. I warmly recommend these courses to everyone – and am looking forward to throw myself in to more courses from XcelMe.”

Peter Loven

“Gary has taken the mystery out of iphone development. He has made development fun and enjoyable. Would and will recommend his classes to all levels in development. Great way to stay intoned and up to date. Thank you Gary.”

Joseph Sanchez

“I took Gary’s iPad class in summer 2010. The class gave me a good head start into iPad programming. I loved the starting time and that the classes were recorded in case I had to miss any. The quality of the class content and of the class delivery was great. He would answer any questions quickly and respond to emails after class as well to help with individual questions or problems. With the help of his class, I finished my first iPad (now on iPhone too) application: German Made Easy. It combines learning the German language with solving a puzzle and discovering famous German castles.”

App links:

Christina Bharara

“Gary’s teachings are wonderful. He has taken the mystery out of iphone development. He has provided a lifetime membership for his students. You immediately feel like you’ve gained a network of information. He is personable and quickly responds to Emails. Thank you Gary.

Anthony Hoepelman

“Gary Bennett is my teacher in Iphone/Ipad Development. After having attended to five different courses, I can say without any doubt that he is a great teacher, and that people at xcelme.com are professionals, helpful and very Kind.

Gary’s online courses at xcelme.com are very interesting and well structured. Moreover, for non-english students like me, the courses are really easy to follow.

You want to become an Iphone developer, and you have no experience at all? Well, go ahead and take Gary’s courses, you’ll see it is worth it.

I started in July 2010, with absolutely no experience and now, november 2010, I know about Object Oriented Programming, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch and IOS Programming. And in a month I’ll also know about IPAD Programming… Amazing, isn’t it?!!”

Djamil Secco

“Gary’s course at xcelme.com are wonderful. He knows his stuff and is always available to help his students. He brings real world knowledge into the classroom and it shows. I recommend xcelme.com if your looking to learn Apple’s SDK.”

Richard Guerrero

“Gary’s iOS development classes provide a very cost-effective means to understanding Apple’s application development process. By combining his real-world experience with a no-nonsense instruction method, his students have gone on to create some of the top selling applications for the iPhone and iPad. Gary’s classes give you a higher quality of instruction at a fraction of the cost of other commercial training programs.”
Bill Blankenship

“I like the online training concept of xcelMe very much because the courses do not assume any prior experience about Objective-C and iOS programming. This allows me to work with the on-line training at my own pace and to review course material at any time of the day, which is great given my busy work schedule. The recorded sessions allow me to review previous class lectures over and over as I need. I really like Gary’s style of teaching, which is very patient and knowledgable. It reminds me of my college days when I started with the basics and developed myself with more and more advanced classes working with a very good teacher, in this case Gary Bennett! I am very grateful that Gary Bennett and associates put together this program allowing me to learn at my own pace a very complex subject. I would recommend xcelMe highly!”

Ronald Greti

“Due to my busy and hectic schedule, XCELME provides an on-line training service that allows me to review course information at any instances of my day. The recorded sessions allow me to pause, stop and play previous class lectures. The service also allows me to become part of a network of software developers with similar interest.

Therefore, I would encourage and recommend anyone to checkout the on-line service which is offered at a reasonable cost.”

Carlos Bradford

“This was my first time taking an online course, and it is one of the most pleasant learning experiences I have had. Gary is extremely knowledgeable about the topics he teaches, and he breaks it down in a way that anyone could understand.

Working in web development my entire career at CUSupportNet.com, I had no real knowledge of how to program. With taking these courses I am well on my way. I would hire Gary Bennett over again, and will continue to take his courses.”

Cameron Carswell

“Gary’s Objective C / iPhone Course has served me well in these ways:

1. It’s great for beginners.

2. The Webinar format works well just about anywhere with broadband.

3. 5:00PM Pacific time class time = 8:00PM EST, which was good for me.

4. Gary is a responsive and helpful teacher.

5. His style is relaxed and friendly.

6. The course cost is very reasonable.

7. He is dedicated to the learning process, and available for questions.”

Chris Carlson

“Gary’s (XCelMe) training has helped me move through the iPhone Development course material at a really rapid rate — he is very knowledgeable on the subject matter, shares great first hand experience and his lectures are thorough and informative, which really help to reinforce the book material. Thanks Gary!”

Eric Harms

“I attended Gary’s online courses on iPhone development at xcelme.com and they were extremely valuable! I had been working as a computer artist for many years with no programming experience, and after completing Gary’s courses I submitted an app called ‘1,2,3 Knit!’ which was featured in Apple’s ‘New and Noteworthy’ and ‘What’s Hot’ categories on the App Store.

App link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/1-2-3-knit/id375019165?mt=8

“I have already made my money back from the courses and I’m now working on my second app. I am amazed to be able to create my own apps after only a few months of study. Gary is a great teacher and his courses are highly recommended!”

Duncan Knarr

“Gary’s iPhone development classes were a great introduction to creating applications. I started the class earlier in the year with zero programming knowledge or experience. My first application was launched last week and its been downloaded several hundred times already. The online training system is efficient and Gary is highly knowledgeable about the current market. I recommend these classes to anyone with no knowledge to people who need to touch up on their objective c. Mitch Karren”

Mitch Karren

“Gary Bennett’s iPhone programming courses are an excellent springboard for anyone wanting to dive in to the world of iPhone app development. Streamlined and to the point, Gary’s courses dispense with the history lessons that too often pad computer programming courses. Instead, you get right to to developing applications with Objective-C. Gary does a great job of keeping the courses “up to the minute” as well, interjecting news about the app development world that could, or likely will impact future developers. Upon completion of the last iPhone course, I had the confidence, and core knowledge I needed to begin developing my own apps. However, I will definitely be keeping watch for more courses. There’s always more to learn, and I can’t think of a better way, than Gary Bennett’s courses.”

Mark Woodside

“Gary has a great training style and really knows the topic. He handles online training very well and makes it a pleasure to attend his classes.”

Tyrone Mills

“As one of the first internet based iPhone Software Development training programs, I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to start developing on the iPhone Platform or the Mac Os. I just completed the iPhone Software Development 5 course program with Gary Bennett at XCELme.com. The program that Gary has developed is well worth the investment for the novice or the experienced software developer. Each of the 5 courses builds on the previous one and with Gary’s hands on approach to guiding a student through the course materials, I found it very easy to understand how iPhone application are developed, tested and ultimately deployed.”

Vicci Mays

“Working with Gary has been a treat. His classes bring a difficult subject and brings life to it and makes it fun to learn. He’s been through the learning process and warns us on topics that will confuse us. He explains why they are which furthers our understanding of the language. For anyone looking to learn how to program the iPhone, Objective-C, then Gary is the teacher for you. Read the books, do the homework, and take his courses. He cares about your learning progress and address your questions to ensure you understand. It’s been a great pleasure. Brian Shin”

Brian Shin

“I have taken four classes from xcelme.com Gary Bennett, President. Gary does a good job of covering the information while also acknowledging and answering questions. The content and sequence of presentation were well thought out. The information presented has been a great baseline for understanding how to develop applications for the iPhone. Don”

Don McClure

“Taking Gary’s iPhone classes was easily the best value I have received on my goal of getting an app built. The courses were clear and concise. Best of all, Gary makes the material engaging, as well as showing a multitude of time savers. I would and have recommended Gary’s classes to any one serious about learning how to get a successful app onto the app store.”

Mark Troyer

“I have enrolled in 6 software training courses at Xcelme.com. Working with Gary Bennett has been like having a personal friend looking over my shoulder. Through the maze of iPhone information, Gary has provided an invaluable context; demonstrating what’s important and what’s not. Today, I’m successfully writing iPhone applications for my clients. If you’re looking for iPhone training, I would highly recommend the courses at Xcelme.com.”

Jerry Starbuck

“I have taken all of Gary’s classes on Iphone development. Gary has an incredible amount of knowledge to share about this new technology. His insight of the programming world and current events is worth the price of admission. I have written and published 3 Iphone apps while taking these classes. Thanks Gary! Bob Nolan”
Bob Nolan

“I attended several of Gary’s iPhone development classes. All of his classes were very informational and tremendously helpful. I can’t thank him enough for covering numerous pitfalls to be careful of. As a result of what I learned through his classes, my first app was approved on the very first submission. I highly recommend his classes if you’re new to iPhone development!”

Jeffrey Zehler

“La calidad y profesionalismo en los servicios de instrucción de aplicaciones para Mac y Iphone realizadas por Gary es excelente. La estructura seleccionada para los entrenamientos (cursos) es altamente efectiva ya que conducen de una forma fácil y simple al aprendizaje de los alumnos.”

Sergio Paredes Garza

“A thorough and methodical tutor providing all the support necessary for the development of objective-c and iPhone applications. Thoroughly recommendable.”

Pierre Karadia

“Gary ran an online IT based course. I found it professional and directed at the correct level. Gary was able to meet the needs of the group and keep each session on track.”

Lucinda Clarke

“I am currently enrolled in Gary’s online iPhone development classes and I am really enjoying them. Gary’s manner is very relaxed and congenial, he happily answers all questions and always seems to have the information requested. Gary clearly knows the material extremely well. I have learned a ton so far, much more than when I tried to learn on my own, I regret that I didn’t enroll earlier this year. I look forward to the classes each week and the coursework is very enjoyable. Gary is well organized, he always has his presentation materials prepared and ready-to-go, and he also provides a lot of background and related information based on his experience. Gary seems to really want to help us all succeed in our development goals. I look forward to the future classes and recommend them to anyone interested in learning developing for the iPhone.”

Duncan Knarr

“I have taken Gary’s iPhone Training classes and have found him to be a great teacher. He explains the topics in a manner that helps the novice get the understanding they need to proceed on to the next stage in the software development process. He is also very personable and has a great many years of experience in the software development industry. I would recommend his training classes to anyone interested in getting into iPhone Application development.”

Mike Wilson

“I took part in several of Gary’s iPhone courses earlier in the year and as an initial non-programmer I found them to provide me with a good baseline from which to build my knowledge. Creating my own application now, I can see how the material we covered was relevant and sufficient for me to get a grasp on the essential concepts required. Thanks!”

Steven Kayser

“I found Gary’s class on the iPhone SDK to be very useful. His teaching style is thorough and enjoyable. I plan to take more of his classes in the future and would highly recommend him as a teacher.”

Andrew Goodrick, Web Designer/Developer, Kansas.gov

“Gary’s online iPhone Development Course is an excellent avenue to learn about programming apps for the iPhone. Especially for those who have no knowledge about programming. Gary takes you from the beginning, it’s easy.”

John Nascimento, Project Manager, P. G. Emminger, Inc.

“I have been enrolled in Xcelme’s iPhone training program since May of this year, and so far I have been highly delighted with the quality and value of these courses. Gary is obviously an expert in his field, and a very good teacher. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone who is interested in developing Objective?C applications for the iPhone or the Mac.”

Mark Davies

“I really enjoy his classes”

Christopher Jones

“Im amazed how fast I’m learning with Gary. In the future I wish he starts new Android or Kindle courses, you wont regret it, his classes allows you to manage your time as you want, and he only shows you the necessary knoweldge to get the skills you want to . Not less important is that you can attend the course everywhere in the world, I live in Spain.”

Jordi Lloret Bergua

“I took Gary’s online class “Intro to Object Oriented Programming..” and found it to be both informative and a great value. Gary is knowledgeable about the subject and is able to condense the material to what is truly relevant for those who want to create iphone apps.”

Larry Jeutter

“Gary is a detailed oriented instructor who is willing to take the time to explain by example, if necessary and provides an in-depth look into how to develop applications in an Object Oriented Programming Language. The iPhone Development Course Series is broken into 5 parts starting with the “Introduction ot OOP and Logic using Alice” to provide the foundation for coding in an OOP language. Taking this introductory course helped build a sturdy foundation for novice/beginner developers and acted as a review for seasoned developers. In the “Programming in Objective-c 2.0″ course, I was able to find many similarities to the .Net development, while finally understanding the syntax of the Objective-c language. The way the courses are plannned and structures, provide a student with a steady progression and building blocks to reach the ultimate goal of building and distributing iPhone and Mac Os applicaitons. I highly recommend this series of Online Courses.”

Vicci Mays

“I have attended many classes in my industry over the past 10 years and have come across some good instructors and plenty of the bad ones. I think Gary Bennett with Xcelme.com sets the bar high! I am in my second class with Mr. Bennett being my instructor and I will say this much; I am completely satisfied thus far with the entire process. From the initial contact via email all the way through needing support. He has been there for me. If you are interested in iPhone/Mac development and need to find that “extra boost of knowledge” then I strongly recommend getting in touch with Mr. Bennett. Sincerely, Troy Gomez”

Troy Gomez

“The first quality I notice about Gary is he is passionate about what he does. This radiates positively as I interact with him. I started out “small” with Gary– I didn’t know him but it didn’t take me to long to figure out that I could learn a great deal from him and so far- my judgement has been correct. I have since signed up for additional courses and instruction from him and his organization. For whatever scope you are considering Gary for as it relates to information technology- Gary “delivers”.”

Joseph Miceli

“Gary is a well-versed educator in the field of programming and application development. He uses real world experiences to get the message across.”

William Gavillan

“I would recommend Gary to anyone interested in iPhone development. The classes are educational, simple and informative for both programming novices and experts alike. The sessions are extremely inexpensive and the information provided is well worth the price. I am a senior developer yet I still learn from attending.”
Gary Nealey

“Gary is an experienced programmer and educator. His classes are fun, challenging and rewarding. Gary has implemented technology to support his presentation skills that allows flexibity for busy schedules and different leaning curves. His efforts to teach, share and mentor help all students at all levels of skill so that the student gets the biggest bang for their effort put into the class. I have taken three classes with Gary and have produced commercial applications as a result of what I learned in class. The pay back for working with Gary has been in measurable!”

Mark Denslow

“Gary’s series of classes are a great value for anyone interested in an introduction to object-oriented programming, and in programming the iPhone in particular. He’s able to keep both novices and experts engaged, and his online community forums are a great way for fellow programmers to remain connected to support each other.”

Paul Melnychuck

“I took 3 of the iPhone classes offered by Gary. The experience and knowledge that Gary portrayed as an instructor were key qualities I saw as a student. Gary seemed to be genuinely interested in teaching and relating the material to real-world examples. I would highly recommend taking his classes to anyone interested in learning how to develop applications for the iPhone.”

Robert Moorhead

“Gary has always been very supportive. He has added real life insight to his instruction. His classes are an incredible value. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to receive his instruction. Sincerely, Mark Starcher”

Mark Starcher

“Gary is an awesome teacher. Does a great job of clarifying small programming details. The classes he is offering are very well thought out. He has a great understanding of what pieces are needed to get the work done.”

Kumar Karna

“Gary is an excellent teacher and a great communicator. His iphone development course is a great teaching tool to any developer who wants to learn how to program for the iphone.”
Carlos Solorzano, Quality Assurance Lead, Deutsch Inc.

“Gary has been a valuable resource for iPhone development training, and I highly recommend his services.”
Barry Butler

“I am about midway through the five course series that Gary offers at Xcelme.com. I have learned a lot in the last two and a half months. His classes move at a good pace and keep you on track to learning Iphone programing. These are excellent classes and value, for the beginner or an experienced programmer.”

Quinton Fason

“Gary is an all around stand up guy who knows his stuff in and out. I have had GREAT results taking Gary’s class and look forward to more classes in the future”

Cedric Gaines

“I have been enrolled in Gary’s Xcelme iPhone training courses since February of this year. His class curriculum and innovative teaching style has more than impressed me. I started the course with no background in any programming language, not knowing if I would be able to keep up. The courses have proven very effective. The price can’t be beat and allow me to take this course around my busy schedule. I would highly recommend Gary’s courses to anyone.”

Adrian Rivera

“Gary is a very knowledgeable instructor who knows his material well and is successful at presenting complex topics to a diverse group of individuals. He is very personable and does a good job of structuring each class with topics that are relevant to iPhone programming. Each class has been very informative and convenient. Taking these classes has been a very good experience and I look forward to learning more from Gary.”

James Recene

“Gary is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable about Objective C and iPhone development. He is willing to go the extra mile to help his students understand the concepts and become proficient in the material he teaches. I have taken two classes from Gary and am getting a very good basis in programming (having never programmed anything prior to this). He does a great job of teaching what you need to know and keeping classes on point while being entertaining at the same time. I look forward to learning more from Gary in the future.”
Jodi Michel

“Gary has put together an excellent course in iPhone programming specifically tailored for those of us who also have day jobs. It’s nice to know that if you miss a lecture you can listen the recording in a matter of hours after the class. Though intense, if you take the whole five course series you need little or no previous programming experience.”

Benjamin Taylor

“Gary’s iPhone Development classes have provided the guidance and clarity I needed to understand the underlying concepts of Object-Oriented Programming while teaching me how to navigate the confusing and subtly complex maze of Apple’s Objective-C and Cocoa technologies. Despite my many years of programming experience, when I tried to learn this on my own, I found the task overwhelming and became hopelessly frustrated. Gary’s classes on the other hand are clear and concise and presented in a well prepared manner. The course overall has been both challenging and fun. I can’t understate the importance of working through the text book examples and homework assignments, but the educational value of doing so is immense. And the reward is that in only a few short months, I now feel confident enough to develop Mac and iPhone apps on my own. Thank you Gary for setting me on the right path!”

Steven Shatz, President, AESOPS Corporation

“Gary’s iPhone development training courses were very good (I took his introduction to Object Oriented programming, and Beginning Objective-C classes). These classes were completely worth the time and money. I had spent thousands on training before finding Gary’s classes. The training I recieved from those previous courses were less effective as what I was able to get from Gary’s courses at a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend him and his courses.”

Tyler Parsons

“I have taken 3 of Gary’s iPhone development classes. His methodology is second to none. You will find his presentations entertaining and his coursework fulfilling. If you are needing any course that Gary is providing, I would highly recommend him and Xcelme.”

Scott Blackford

“Gary has impressed me with his ingenuity in offering Objective-C and iPhone training classes via Webinars. This is a convenient and cost-effective approach to learning for the many programmers out there who are looking for live instruction that fits their schedules and budgets. I am looking forward to working with Gary and offering classes with his company.”

Stephen Kochan, President, Mobile Minds, LLC

“great instructor for xcode/iphone development. webinar is always well prepared.”

Rüdiger Weiss

“Gary is a gifted teacher with a very detailed knowledge of programming. He has taught our group of students the concepts and details of Object Oriented Programming from the very basics to the complexity of creating projects that we can apply to real world applications. He is kind, patient and reliable and most importantly he goes the extra mile to help his students achieve their goals. I would gladly hire Gary again as an instructor as well as a Programmer or Project Manager.”

Marlene Zenker

“I am taking the iPhone programming classes Gary offers. They are a great value and Gary is a great instructor. I am getting a lot out of the courses.”

Jeff McMorris

Author and Technical Reviewer Apress “Gary is an editor’s dream: energetic, prompt, responsive, and not only that, he writes well and knows his stuff! It’s clear that Gary’s expertise, enthusiasm, and obvious love of his subject also make him a wonderful teacher, a quality that comes through in his writing. I look forward to doing many more books together and to getting to know each other better.”

Clay Andres, Editor, Apress

I really enjoy and appreciate the fact that you keep the course current with Apple latest release. I have taken other courses that were 2 to 3 years out of date. And the most import factor for me is that you share what works and does not work based on the actual development that you are doing.
Bernard Simmons

Last week, I registered for my objective c class and I have to say it is one of the best decision i have ever made. It saves me lots of hour of my time learning programming on my own. Gary is fantastic and everything is great. Thanks.
Myo Kyaw

Jeff Hughes

“Hi Jeff,
there are two things that I’ll remember from taking your course:

– the quality of the content

– the quality of the presentation

I feel that the course content was clear, logically laid out, and actionable. I believe that, if the strategies and plan presented is followed, it will provide an application developer or company with the best chance they have at success in the current iPhone market.

I also feel that you did a very good job presenting the information clearly, backing it up with real examples and with your own experience.

I would definitely recommend the course and I hope there are future opportunities to take additional courses presented by yourself.

Brad Sellick

“I’ve felt fortunate to have Jeff Hughes, who has integrated his extensive marketing experience to this new world of apps. I’ve needed regular press releases generated and Jeff has helped me both in formulating a professional release and arranging for distribution.”
Dan Cohen, AppsForAll