Programming Game AI for iPhone, iPad and Mac Course


Purpose: Programming Game AI for iPhone, iPad and Mac provides the student a comprehensive and practical introduction to the base Artificial Intelligence techniques used by the game development industry. The student will be introduced by example to state drive and goal driven behavior, path planning and optimization, finite state machines and fuzzy logic.

Suggested Prerequisites: xcelMe iPhone and iPad programming courses or equivalent iPhone and iPad development experience, Game Programming 1 & 2.

Topics covered:

State Driven Agent Design

  • Finite State Machine

How to Create Autonomously Moving Game Agents

  • The Vehicle Model
  • Spatial Partitioning

Sports Simulation - Simple Soccer

  • Making Estimates and Assumptions Work for You

The Secret Life of Graphs

  • Graph Search Algorithms

Raven: An Overview

  • Overview of the Game Architecture
  • AI Design Considerations
  • AI Implementation

Practical Path Planning

  • Creating a Path Planner Class

Goal-Driven Agent Behavior

  • Goal Arbitration

Fuzzy Logic

  • Fuzzy Rules
  • Fuzzy Linguistic Variables

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