Objective-C 2.0 for iPhone and iPad Developers – Online Course


Purpose: Objective-C 2.0 for iPhone and iPad Developers is designed to help iPhone developers quickly understand Objective-C and get you on your way to becoming a successful iPhone and iPad Developer.

Objective-C is critical to be able to code the iPhone and iPad devices! You must be comfortable programming in Objective C and with Xcode. This class will accomplish this.

This course is designed to help the developer who has some experience with OOP, XCode and Objective-C.

We are using Mac OS X 10.8 Lion, Xcode 5, iOS 7 and Objective-C 2.

Books used for this course

Times: 5pm Pacific. Total of 8 online classes.

Course outline:

Objective-C Classes, Objects, and Method

  • Creating an Objective-C Class
  • Declaring Interfaces and Instance Variables
  • Sending Messages (Methods)
  • Working with the Implementation File
  • Implementing Methods
  • Using Our New Class
  • Overriding Default Behavior
  • Taking Class Methods to the Next Level
  • Accessing the Xcode Documentation
  • Summary
  • Exercises

Programming Basics in Objective-C

  • Creating a Simple Command Line Tool
  • Introducing Instance Variables
  • Accessing Instance Variables
  • Using Getter and Setter Methods
  • Introducing Properties
  • Using Properties
  • Understanding the Importance of Conventions
  • Creating the MyBookstore Program
  • Using the NSMutableDictionary Class
  • Making Our Object Do Something
  • Implementing Behavior
  • Cleaning Up Our Objects
  • Using the Bookstore and Book Objects

Comparing Data

  • Introducing Boolean Logic
  • Using Relational Operators
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Using Boolean Expressions
  • Comparing Strings
  • Comparing Dates
  • Combining Comparisons
  • Using the Switch Statement
  • Grouping Variables Together
  • NSArray.
  • NSMutableArray
  • NSDictionary
  • NSMutableDictionary

Creating User Interfaces with Interface Builder

  • Understanding Interface Builder
  • The Model-View-Controller
  • Human Interface Guidelines (HIGs)
  • Creating an Example iPhone App with Interface Builder
  • Using Outlets.
  • Implementing an Action
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Document Window
  • Library Window.
  • Inspector Window
  • Creating the View
  • Connecting the Outlets and Objects
  • Connecting Actions and Objects
  • Implementation File
  • Broken Connections in Interface Builder

Memory, Addresses, and Pointers

  • Understanding Memory
  • Bits, Bytes, and Bases
  • Understanding Memory Address Basics
  • Requesting Memory
  • Working with Automatic Variables and Pointers
  • Deallocating Memory
  • Using Special Pointers
  • Managing Memory in Objective-C.
  • Using the Retain/Release Model
  • Working with Implied Retain Messages.
  • Sending the dealloc Message
  • If Things Go Wrong.

Debugging Programs with Xcode

  • Getting Started with Debugging.
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • Debugging Basics .
  • Working with the Debugger Controls.
  • Debugging a Program
  • Using the Step Controls
  • Looking at the Thread Window and Call Stack
  • Debugging Variables.
  • Deleting Multiple Breakpoints.
  • Disabling Breakpoints.
  • A Larger Call Stack

Storing Information

  • Storage Considerations
  • Preferences
  • Writing Preferences
  • Reading Preferences.
  • Databases
  • Storing Information in a Database
  • Getting Started with Core Data
  • The Model
  • Managed Object Context.
  • Setting Up the Interface

Protocols and Delegates

  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Understanding Protocols
  • Protocol Syntax
  • Understanding Delegates
  • Next Steps

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