Marketing your iPhone & iPad App

Xcelme's iPhone/iPad App Marketing course has been specifically designed to teach developers the best methods to launch and market your apps. Specifically, in this course you will learn:

  • How to create the best message for your app that grabs your buyer's attention
  • Identify your target audience so you can target your message
  • Learn how to deliver your message to your target audience through social media, press releases and more
  • Drive traffic to your app's web site and to the App Store to achieve sales growth
  • Learn how free apps can drive business and how in-app purchases can help you sell more
  • Understand how mobile phone advertising works and can help you grow your business
  • And much more...

iPhone and iPad Marketing Course Syllabus

Purpose: iPhone and iPad Marketing course is designed for independent developers and companies who are developing (or have developed) an iPhone application and want to learn how to position, message, and sell their app in a very competitive market. In this live webcast you will learn the basics of marketing including:

  • How to create the right marketing message for your app
  • How to identify your target audience and deliver your message through traditional method and social media
  • How to price your application for maximum success
  • How to develop a short, yet powerful marketing plan to maximize your sales success

Whether you have started development on your app or have just finished it, this course will help to give you solid grounding on the latest trends in iPhone application marketing and teach you key skills you need to market your iPhone app in this highly competitive market.

Many iPhone developers have little background in marketing and quickly realize that posting their app to the AppStore and hoping for the best is not enough! This course is designed to build a solid marketing foundation for iPhone developers who have the desire to generate revenue (or a following) for their applications

Books used for this course

Times: 5pm Pacific: Total of 4 webcasts delivered over two weeks (Tuesday and Thursday evening)

Course outline (please see course syllabus for in-depth details):

  1. Introduction to iPhone Marketing
  2. Understanding what make your app unique
  3. Creating your marketing message
  4. Delivering your message to the right audience
  5. Using social networking to increase adoption
  6. Pricing your iPhone app
  7. Developing a laser focused marketing plan for your app
  8. Launching your iPhone app marketing campaign

Need Help Marketing Your App? - Custom Consulting Services

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