iPhone and iPad Communications and Sensors with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Prerequisites: Students should have completed iOS SDK 1 course and Advanced Programming for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi or equivalent knowledge or experience.

This course is designed to enable students to interact with their Arduino and Raspberry with their iPhone, iPad and maybe even the iWatch or AppleTV.

This course covers:

  1. Apple MFi program. Manufacturing License Program
  2. Using cables and BLE connect to your iOS device to the micro-controllers
  3. Serial communications between your iOS device and micro-controller
  4. Building the User Interface and listening to messages between iOS device and micro-controller
  5. When to use Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, Serial communication and XBee to communicate between your iOS device and micro-controller
  6. Sending messages between the iOS device and micro-controller
  7. Connecting to an XBee connector
  8. Using external sensors, sonar and temperature sensors

Each class will cover an exciting shield project to explore the unique capabilities of each shield and controller. This course has 8 classes and are typically 1 hour long. However, due to all the cool new technologies, resources and information that is constantly emerging, students are encouraged to ask questions & share new information, and because the instructor thinks these topics are too cool, expect many 1 hour classes to go over.

When students sign up for the course they will receive a link with the parts/book needed for the course. These parts will include items such as micro-controllers, LEDS, resistors, leads and breadboard. Additionally, this course will use shields and cables that you may not have but should be in every makers tool box. Budget about $150 for this course for shields, parts and material. You will be able to reuse most components on other cool projects. Budget about $25 for the book(s).

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