iPad App Development from the Ground Up – Online Course


Purpose: This course is designed for iPhone developers (new and experienced) to understand how to develop apps for the iPad. This courses covers the new technology and tools that will enable developers to successfully develop iPad apps and have their app approved on the app store.

We will cover the new features and functionality of the iPad, along with the code that makes the iPad stand out.

Times: 5pm Pacific. Total of 8-live online classes. Live sessions are also recorded so you play them back whenever you want. You can also retake live sessions as often as you want for one year at no additional cost!

Course outline:

  1. iPad Platform Characteristics
    1. New elements to Distinguish Your User Interface
  2. iPad vs iPhone Simulator and Build Differences
  3. Starting your Project
    1. Universal Apps
    2. Updating your Existing Xcode Project to Include an iPad Target
    3. Starting from Scratch
    4. The Application Bundle - More flexibility
    5. Launch Images
  4. The Sandbox - It's still there but getting better
  5. Hardware Specs - Architecture
  6. File Sharing - This is cool!!
  7. AirPlay
  8. AirPrint
  9. Webservices - Connecting to backend databases
  10. Document Support
    1. Previewing and Opening files
    2. Registering File Types for App Support
  11. Xcode Changes
  12. iPad Human Interface Guidelines - Mess this up and your app is rejected!!
    1. From iPhone Application to iPad Application
    2. iPad User Experience Guidelines
    3. iPad UI Element Guidelines
  13. UIKit Frame Changes
  14. Media Player Framework - What's new - More control!!
    1. Important Tip for porting apps
  15. Gestures
    1. UIGestureRecognizer
    2. Trigger Action Messages
    3. Implementing
    4. Responding to Gestures
    5. State Transitions
  16. iPad New User Interface Options
    1. Popovers
      1. Benefits of using a popover
      2. How to use popovers
    2. Split Views
      1. How to use the UISplitViewController
  17. Text Support
    1. Core Text
    2. Text Input
    3. Custom Font Support
  18. Core Image
  19. Core Application
  20. Document Support on iPad Devices
  21. Views and Controllers
    1. Designing for Multiple Orientations
    2. Creating for a Split View Interface
    3. Adding a Split View Controller in Interface Builder
    4. Oh Yea - Creating a Split View Controller Programmatically
    5. Using Popovers to Display your content
    6. Modal Presentation Styles
    7. Making Better Use of Those Toolbars

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