Intro to Programming the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Prerequisites: Understanding Electronics using Arduino and Raspberry Pi Micro-Controllers or equivalent

This course is designed to enable students to program the Arduino and Raspberry Pi micro-controller. This course is for the programming newbie or students that may have programmed in other programming languages recently or years ago.

This course covers:

  1. Thinking like a developer
  2. Arduino programming using sketch and the C programming language
  3. Raspberry Pi programming using the Python and C programming languages
  4. Variables
  5. Commands and logics, if, for, else, while
  6. Data types: ints, floats and bools

Each class will consist of a programming exercise and fun micro-controller project to reinforce all the topics covered in the class that day. Students will become familiar with syntax, programming, capabilities and power of the micro-controllers.

This course has 8 classes and are typically 1 hour long. However, due to all the cool new technologies, resources and information that is constantly emerging, students are encouraged to ask questions & share new information, and because the instructor thinks these topics are too cool, expect many 1 hour classes to go over.

When students sign up for the course they will receive a link with the parts/book(s) needed for the course. These parts will include items such as micro-controllers, LEDS, resistors, leads and bread board. Recommended kits costs about $50 each and can be reused with other courses in this series. Budget about $50-$75 for this course for parts and material. You will be able to reuse most components on other cool projects.

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