Intro to Object-Oriented Programming and Logic – Online Course


Purpose: This course is designed for those who have never programmed, never used object oriented programming, never used Objective-C and XCode or need a refresher course. If you don’t know what if/else statements, variables, functions, classes, inheritance, polymorphisms, methods, events, Boolean logic, arrays, recursion and XCode are, this course is for you.

This course uses a technology developed for teaching new Computer Science students at Carnegie Mellon University with a grant from the National Science Foundation. This technology and Integrated Development Environment allows students to easily focus on writing code, logic and Object Oriented Programming without having to also learn a complex development environment.

Many try to be iPhone and iPad developers with little background in computer programming and quickly struggle. This course is designed to build a solid programming foundation for iPhone and iPad development for those who have little-to-no programming experience, haven’t used Xcode or Objective-C or Object Oriented Programming before.

This course is designed to give students a sense of accomplishment and great foundation to be successful at iPhone and iPad development.

We are using Mac OS X 10.8 Lion, Xcode 5, iOS 7 and Objective-C 2.

Books used for this course

Times: 5pm Pacific: Total of 8 online classes

Course outline:

Becoming a Great iPhone/iPad or Mac Programmer

  • Thinking Like a Developer
  • Completing the Development Cycle
  • Introducing Object Oriented Programming
  • Working with the Alice Interface

Programming Basics

  • Taking a Tour with Alice
  • Navigation Menu
  • World Window
  • Classes, Objects, and Instances in Alice
  • Object Tree
  • Editor Area
  • Details Area
  • Events Area
  • Creating an Alice App-To the Moon Alice
  • Your First Objective-C Program
  • Installing Xcode
  • Launching and Using Xcode

It’s All About the Data

  • Numbering Systems Used in Programming
  • Bits
  • Bytes
  • Hexadecimal
  • Unicode
  • Data Types
  • Using Variable and Data Types with Alice
  • Data Types and Objective-C
  • Identifying Problems

Making Decisions About… and Planning Program Flow

  • Boolean Logic
  • Truth Tables
  • Comparison Operators
  • Designing Apps
  • Pseudo-code.
  • Design Requirements
  • Flowcharting
  • Designing and Flowcharting an Example App
  • The App’s Design
  • Using Loops to Repeat Program Statements
  • Coding the Example App in Alice
  • Coding the Example App in Objective-C
  • Nested If Statements and Else-If Statements.
  • Improving the Code Through Refactoring
  • Moving Forward Without Alice

Object Oriented Programming with Objective-C

  • The Object
  • What Is a Class
  • Planning Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Why Use OOP?
  • Eliminate Redundant Code
  • Ease of Debugging
  • Ease of Replacement
  • Advanced Topics
  • Interface
  • Polymorphism

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