Game Programming 2 for iPhone, iPad and Mac Course


Purpose: Game Programming 2 for iPhone, iPad and Mac continues where Game Programming 1 finishes off. In this part of the course the student will learn the concepts of tile maps, simple usage of the OpenGL Particle system and OpenAL. By the end of the course the student will have created a fully functional iPhone game.

Suggested Prerequisites: xcelMe iPhone and iPad programming courses or equivalent iPhone and iPad development experience, Game Programming 1 for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Topics covered:

Bitmap Fonts

  • Introduction to Bitmap Fonts
  • Creating Bitmap Font Sprite Sheet
  • Initializer
  • Parsing the Control File
  • Text
  • Rendering Justified Text
  • Text Width and Height
  • Deallocation

Tile Maps

  • Introduction to Tile Maps
  • Tile Map Editor
  • Tile Palette
  • Layers
  • Creating a Tile Map
  • Drawing a Map
  • Placing Objects
  • Understanding the Tiled Configuration
  • Map Elements

The Particle Emitter

  • Introduction to Particle Systems
  • Particle System Parameters
  • Life Cycle of a Particle
  • Making a Particle


  • Introduction to sound on the iPhone
  • Audio Sessions
  • Playing Music
  • Playing Sound Effects
  • Creating Sound Effects
  • Stereo Versus Mono
  • Sound Effect Management
  • Loading Sound Effects
  • Playing Sound Effects
  • Stopping Sound Effects
  • Setting Sound Effects and Listener Position
  • Handling Sound Interruptions

User Input

  • Introduction to User Input
  • Touch Events
  • Processing Touch Events
  • The touchBegan Phase
  • The touchMoved Phase
  • The touchEnded Phase
  • Processing Taps
  • Accelerometer Events

The Game Interface

  • OpenGL Interface
  • Rendering the Interface
  • Defining Button Bounds
  • Handling Touches
  • Handling Transitions
  • OpenGL ES Orientation
  • UIKit Interfaces
  • Wiring Up the Interface
  • UIKit Orientation
  • Showing and Hiding a UIKit Interface

Collision Detection

  • Collision Pruning
  • Frame-Based vs time Based
  • Axis-Aligned bounding boxes
  • Detecting Collisions
  • Collision Map
  • Entity-to-Map Collision Detection
  • Entity-to-Entity Collision Detection

Putting It All Together

  • Saving the Game State and Settings
  • Saving Game State
  • Loading Fame State
  • Saving High Scores
  • Adding a Score
  • Performance and Tuning
  • Using Instruments
  • Leaks Instruments
  • Using the OpenGL ES Instruments
  • Compiler setting
  • Multiple Device Types

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