Game Engines for iPhone, iPad and Mac Course


Purpose: Games Engines 1 for iPhone, iPad and Mac introduces the student to Cocos2D, a popular and highly supported Open Source game engine for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Game Engines greatly simplify and speed the game development process. The course starts with the basics of Cocos2D and gradually exposes the student to more advance concepts. These concepts include Scrolling bitmap screens, parallax effects, Particle Effects and more! This class compliments Game Programming 1 & 2 by exposing the student to a third party library that enhances and extends the concepts learned in Game Programming 1 & 2.

Suggested Prerequisites: xcelMe iPhone and iPad programming courses or equivalent iPhone and iPad development experience, Game Programming 1 & 2

Topics covered:

  • Development of a game using Cocos2D for iPhone and iPad
  • Game Building Blocks
  • Cocos2D Sprites In-Depth
  • Scrolling Bitmap Screens
  • Cocos2D Particle Effects
  • Tilemaps
  • Isometric Tilemaps
  • Chipmunk and Box2D Physics Engines
  • A Pinball Game using the physics engine.
  • Apple's Game Center

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