I’ve never programmed before. Can I really learn to program iPhone Apps by taking your courses?

Absolutely! I’ve designed the 6 course series for students that have never programmed before. Many of
our students have never programmed before and have gone on to develop apps and post them on the iTunes
App Store. Apps from our students have gone on to be the #1 paid app on the app store and several in the
op 100 paid apps.

I’m an experienced programmer or I have some programming experience, what courses are right for me.

If you are not familiar with Object Oriented Programming, I recommend that you start with the
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and Logic. It is necessary for you to know OOP before
you start the Objective C Course.

If you have a background in OOP but not Objective-C, I recommend you start with Objective-C.

iOS Development involves Objective-C, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, Xcode and the iOS SDK. Based on your
background, you can sign up for the course that you feel most comfortable with.

Is there interaction with other Students and Instructor?

Yes, you have the ability to ask questions during the live Webinars. You can email or call the
instructor anytime. There is also a forum for you to post questions and share homework questions
and solutions. We also provide an online chat tool so that students can get together to discuss
homework projects.

How do I attend?

Easy! After you purchase the course, you will receive an email with your user name and password to
access the forum. On the forum you have access to the latest recorded sessions and instructions to
access the live webinars. You watch and listen to the webinars (live and recorded) from your computer’s
web browser.. Additionally, you can ask questions during the webinar. Recorded sessions are
usually available within 8 hours after the live session.

What equipment do I need for the courses?

For development:

  1. Intel Based Mac to do the development projects
  2. High speed internet access
  3. When you purchase the course(s) you will receive a link to the updated course material to download
    or order. For more information, click here.
  4. An iPhone or iTouch is helpful. Courses can be completed using the simulator within Xcode.

For attending live or recorded webinars:

  1. Any web browser on any computer operating system. Mac, Linux, PC
  2. High speed internet access
  3. Computer Speakers or telephone to listen to the voice portion

How much is it?

Not much! $97/course or $497 for all 6 courses (6 pak). Prices do not include the price of the book(s).

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are granted only if the course is cancelled by xcelMe.com. You can always reschedule and take
the next available course if you can’t make the live course that you signed up for. We never take away
your access to the forum, recordings or live webinars. Once you have access to a course, you always have
access to the course.

What if I can’t attend the live classes?

No problem! They are recorded, just log on and play the course at your pace and convenience. The
classes are sequential for the course and build on one another. You have access to both and for as
long as you want. We never remove access. Many of our students take just the recorded courses.

How long are the courses and classes?

Each course lasts one month. Classes are online twice a week in the evening, generally lasting about an hour.
All classes are recorded and available for playback within 8 hours of the completion of the live broadcast.

However, if you are just taking the recorded classes, you can go as fast as you want. There are about
8 recordings per course and each recording is generally about an hour long depending on Q&A at the end of the class.
Plan for about 1 hour per class (recording) for homework and study.

Is there homework?

Yes, but it is optional. This helps you learn by doing and helps the instructor know if students
understand the material. You get out of this course what you put into it. You will be given reading
and programming assignments every week. Plan on about 1 hour of homework for each night’s class.

Is there a certificate for the course?

Yes, students who successfully complete the final project for the course they are taking receive a
very professional certificate. It is mailed out about 1 week after the final project is successfully
completed. This certificate is often used by employees to receive reimbursement from their employers
if requested

Can I ask the instructor questions?

Of course. During the webinar, by email or phone! We try to answer the email promptly. We try to
answer student’s questions within a couple of hours of receiving the email.

Will you help me with my personal project?

Yes, if the questions you have are relevant to the class material, you don’t abuse and if there is time.
However, I will not write the application for you. Overall, I like helping people. Please don’t ask us to
sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you ask help on your personal project. We receive dozens of requests
a month and it would be administratively impossible to review all NDA’s.

What should my expectations be when taking a course?

You will get out of the course what you put into. If you attend the courses (live or recorded), read the
material and do the homework, you will have a great foundation for becoming an iOS developer. We are
professional iOS developers by day. Also we have taught hundreds of students to be iOS developers. We can
save you literally hundreds of hours of time and frustration during the learning process and explain topics,
tips and tricks that make learning iOS development possible for all.

Courses, Schedule and Syllabus?

Courses start at the date and time posted on the session calendar. Dates and times are subject to change and
students will be updated when they occur. A syllabus will be provided to all students when they enroll. The
syllabus is subject to change during the course to best meet the needs of the class and as technology changes
(and it is always changing).

How long do I have access to live webinars and recordings?

We NEVER remove your access to the courses that you have paid for. So, you have access to the live sessions and
recorded (onDemand) sessions forever. If you want to attend later or repeat a course, feel free. There is no extra
charge. If the technology changes after you take a course, come back and retake the course. We update the courses
(live and OnDemand) with all the latest technology with every new session. There is no extra charge… cool huh?

Who are the instructors?

Gary Bennett for all iOS development courses.

Jeff Hughes for all marketing courses.

What will I learn and get out of the courses?

A lot! We are developers too. We want you to be successful and productive. You will learn how to write
iOS apps and how to submit them to Apple via the App Store. We don’t believe in teaching material
that is not likely to be useful to you. We have been doing software development and teaching for a long
time. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Are there discounts for companies, corporation and government entities?

Yes, for 5 or more students. Just contact us with the number of students.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Master Card, AmEx, Discover and Paypal. We use PayPal for all Credit Card processing to protect
your security. We never have access to your Credit Card information.

If you need to pay via check, have an invoice or P.O., please contact us.

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