Core Animation & Audio for iPhone, iPad and Mac Course


Purpose: Core Animation & Audio for iPhone, iPad and Mac is designed to introduce the student to the biggest part of the iPhone, iPad and Mac systems - animation and sound. Anyone who has played with a Mac, iPhone or iPad finds out quickly how big a role animation and sound plays on these systems. This course covers the key areas of Core Animation and Sound and how they can be incorporated into any program and especially games.

Suggested Prerequisites: xcelMe iPhone and iPad programming courses or equivalent iphone and iPad development experience

Topics covered:

What is Core Animation

  • What is a Layer
  • Animation and Layers
  • Core Animation and the iPhone
  • Color, Motion, Attributes and Visibility
  • Filters
  • Content
  • Masking
  • What should you animate
  • When should you use Core Animation

Basic Animations

  • Simplest animations
  • Animation Proxy Object
  • The difference between window, view and layer animation
  • Window resizing
  • View resizing
  • Layer resizing
  • Using CABasicAnimation
  • Timing Functions

Keyframe Animation

  • Changing values over time
  • Keyframe destinations
  • Keyframe animation timing
  • Keyfram animation for UI Cues
  • Core Animation Layers
  • Layer Tranforms
  • Layer Filters
  • Quicktime Layers
  • OpenGL Layer
  • Quartz Composer Layer
  • Core Audio
  • Advanced Core Animation
  • User Interaction
  • Performance

Upcoming Core Animation & Audio for iPhone, iPad and Mac Courses

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