Cocoa Touch for iPhone and iPad Developers


Purpose: Cocoa Touch for iPhone Developers is designed to give students the critical and necessary tools and knowledge to develop an iPhone application using Cocoa Touch, Xcode, Interface Builder, Debugger and Instruments.

This course is critical for any iPhone and iPad Developer.

Books used for this course

Times: 5pm Pacific. Total of 8 online classes.

Course outline:

  1. Objects, Classes, Methods, and Messages
  2. Xcode
  3. Interface Builder
  4. Setting up your Xcode Projects
  5. Making a View
  6. Basic View Interaction
  7. The Model-View-Controller Paradigm
  8. Outlet and Actions
  9. Designing the User Interface
  10. Understanding Apple's Human Interface Guidelines
  11. Lay Out the Xib File
  12. Implementing the AppController Class
  13. All the Xcode Controls
  14. Adding Image Views
  15. Closing the Keyboard
  16. Implementing the Switches, Button, and Segmented Control
  17. Action Sheets and Alerts
  18. Autorotation and Autosizing
  19. Multiview Applictions
  20. Tab Bars and Pickers
  21. Introduction to Table Views
  22. Navigation Controllers and Table Views
  23. Storyboards
  24. Tab Bars, Pickers, Table Views and Navigation Controllers Using Storyboards

Upcoming Cocoa Touch for iPhone and iPad Developers Online Courses

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